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This is a genre section where our style will warn your heart and maybe make you feel all googly

This is the debut short story by our tame pentertainer Frankie, known to himself as Mr Love, but writing as Millzan Doom.

Supermarket love.

The scene, a mini supermarket, Fast Save.

A loving couple walk out of the mini market; he carries three bags of shopping in his left hand. His strong muscles stretched and tendons like over tuned guitar strings, or cello if you prefer. His other hand holds that of his loved one, walking by his side. Her other hand holds onto the bicep of his right hand and she holds him close, head resting on his shoulder joint.
They pass a couple in their fifties on their way into the market. He, hands in pockets and whistling tunelessly, walks five feet in front of ‘her’. He has a pre-shopping bored look on his face and he wishes he was in the pub with his mates watching football. She walks behind him, bag over her shoulder, vacant look on her face. The man looks at the loving couple that are heading for their car and, he thinks ‘I bet they aren’t married’

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Colin is officially the world’s most romantic man. See what he is prepared to do, to show his love for the woman he loves.

Review by: Rodney D Cambridge on April 26, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
What an engaging story, Frankie! I enjoyed it and was singing along at the end ;o)

Review by: Roberta Beach Jacobson on April 26, 2011 : starstarstarstar
Hilarious! It must have been a joy to write this short story. Excellent description, very cleverly done.

New version coming



Title: Love and Light    

(Word Count 3972)



A Dead Art Form?

Love and Light? Love doesn’t have to be the domain of the human. What about animals, or fish, or insects? There again, what about inanimate objects we take totally for granted. Can they love each other?

Her husbands special hobby produces the most wonderful love gift for his wife, and then for others.
Both stories are suitable for wise adults to read with their children.

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Title: Heart-Beet

(Word Count 12,038)



What’s love? Something that makes you feel very good.
Most people desire love for that reason, but is that reason enough for ‘real’ love?

Heart Beet? A woman finds the ‘perfect love’, or does she?
Polystyrene? Is a mother’s love for her family maybe OTT? Or not?
Selina? A bit controversial, but which love is the most important? (It’s the one most folk treat as the most unimportant). Apologies for the language, but all the swearing ‘I know’ was picked up off women.


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