Short stories to read onthe way to work to arrive with a smile,

'49p a flash'

'they are great to read, brings some light relief to the day'

an office in Cumbria...

There is though a rather sinister world out in the blue yonder going under the heading of ‘flash’ … it is bad to the core.
There are people out there locked in darkened rooms with padded walls, tables and chairs, who write flash stories of maybe ten words and they are addicted to doing them. If they join with the haiku people they could form a small/medium/huge army and take over the world. They would read these sentences to the enemy and if they still didn’t beg for mercy, the haiku division could step forward and really abuse their ears and brains. Failing that, British pensioners could be parachuted in and it could be guaranteed that the non-stop moaning about the weather and the buses would ensure that the enemy would walk out of their city, hands raised, begging for mercy. Begging to be put in a room with ‘10 word flash fictioneers’ or poets, mixed with haiku people. That would be the beginning of the real Armageddon.

Our quick flash stories are more words than that, but still pretty quick flash stories to read to completion on the way to work instead of bookmarking? Our version of War and Peace could be called ‘the interesting argument’. Something you can read and finish on your way to work. Entertaining we hope (you get your money’s worth anyway).


Titles available:


QF1. The Green Balloon

QF2. Warm Your Cockles

QF3. The Day of the Lugworm

QF4. The Irritation

QF5. A Legend from the English Lake District

(The legend of Jerry Jordan)


QF6. The Eyebrow Hair

QF7.The Woman who saved Arnie

QF8. Two Croaks but no Frogs

QF 9. Odd Shaped Balls (a celebration of rugby league )

QF10. Who's in the Shack

(A Second legend from the English Lake District)

QF11. The ‘Well Kept Secret’ Legend of Robin Hood

QF 12. The Amityville Bother

QF 13. The Caring Water Woman

QF 14 Two Splendid Venues

QF 15 The Plastic Christmas Card

QF 16 Cedrick Fallows and the Genius


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