Are ‘you’ , a beautiful woman (blonde?), not sure where to start when it comes to aural?
Don't worry, Cleo is here. There are tried and tested techniques that are easy to learn. Read on to perfect your oral sex technique and make him smile like the Cheshire Cat on a promise.

The Good Golly-lollypop

This one is often used in prom films (where they go to a dance first) because it allows him to see exactly what’s going on. To fuel this fantasy, drop to your knees. Depending on your heights, i.e. if he’s a Danny De Vito clone, he might need to stand on something - you need good access to his dangly bits (testicles is a red face word).
Lift his winkle to expose his bollocks (bollocks is ok as it is also a curse word that means priests), then find the line that runs between them (it’s a tiny ridge that’s often a darker colour due to concentrated light wavelengths). Find where this starts on the underside of his tightened up danglers, and that’s where your lollipop lick starts . continue very sloooowwwwly, to the tip of his tinkle. If you tend to bite the top off your lollies, don’t. Repeat the full-length licks (at least 10), then move into the 'classic'.

The classy

Use one hand to hold the base of his ‘thingy’ and let saliva pool in your mouth (your tongue needs to be nice and slippery like a frog’s belly). Make a loose fist with your other hand and slide it up and down his Blackpool rock-like willy, closing it when you reach the head.
Get the hand motion right first, then add your mouth, letting your hand act as an extension of it. Create a snug vacuum with a quarter suck, then slide up and down, your hand following your mouth. If you’re not the most coordinated person, don’t chin yourself, as you, no mattewr how much you hate it, may go out afterwards and he will get accused of wife beating. Hold your hand still at the base of the willy and simply move your mouth up and down by using your neck to move your head; wonderful thing the neck.

The twist and shout, (but keep it quiet)

Add oomph to the 'classy' or any oral technique by adding the 'twist and swirl' (good for putting cream on desserts). The combination of firm fingers and a soft tongue feels great and it’s easy to master. As you’re using your hand to wanky-poo him, twist it slightly once it reaches the head and, at the same time, swirl the flat of your tongue around the rim of the head (‘the’ head, not ‘his’ head ... if you get a hair in your mouth, you are probably slurping on the wrong head; he will also be wiping his eyes with a tissue).A simple but oh-so-wow move.
Also try frenulum flicks: flicking it using a tensed tongue; or make like a butterfly and 'flutter' the frenulum. If you don’t know what a frenulum is, Google it.

Juggling two balls

The greatest compliment you can give him is looking like you want to be down there (V difficult for uninterested women to act out) - and one of the best ways to show this is to explore all of him. Take one or both tight nuts in your mouth, like a squirrel (if he’s got nuts like a bull, is your mouth big enough? You’re a woman remember), hum lightly, suck gently and/or swirl your tongue around.
Rimming is oral anal stimulation (sometimes called analingus) and was first heard on TV in Red Dwarf i.e. Arnold Rimmer; no wonder they took him along!
It involves licking, flicking or inserting a stiff tongue into the butt passage and thrusting like a pretend penis; it can bend your nose, so be careful especially if you have sinus issues. It feels great (for both sexes actually, but not for most women who think it’s dirty) because the area is highly sensitive and loaded with nerve endings.
If you’re worried about germs or are generally squeamish, put a barrier between it and you i.e. a bin lid ... try a piece of cling film or cut open a condom and lay it across the opening. If he farts in your face and you swallow the cling film shove a dildo up the asshole’s asshole, what an arse hole!